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Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Follow UsVsTh3m. More On Birthday party One Direction. Festivals How many of these music festival sins will you commit at Isle of Wight or Download festival? From playing Wonderwall on an acoustic guitar to crowd surfing Though the exact origin and significance of the candle blowing ritual is unknown, there are multiple theories which try to explain this tradition. One theory explaining the tradition of placing candles on birthday cakes is attributed to the early Greeks, who used candles to honor the goddess Artemis' birth on the sixth day of every lunar month.

The use of fire in certain rites dates back to the creation of altars. Birthday candles are said to hold symbolic power. In the past it was believed that evil spirits visited people on their birthdays and that, to protect the person whose birthday it was from evil, people must surround the individual and make them merry. Party-goers made noise to scare away evil spirits.

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In 18th century Germany, the history of candles on cakes can be traced back to Kinderfest, a birthday celebration for children. German children were taken to an auditorium-like space. There, they were free to celebrate another year in a place where Germans believed that adults protected children from the evil spirits attempting to steal their souls. In those times there was no tradition of bringing gifts to a birthday; guests would merely bring good wishes for the birthday person. However, if a guest did bring gifts it was considered to be a good sign for the person whose birthday it was.

Later, flowers became quite popular as a birthday gift. A reference to the tradition of blowing out the candles was documented in Switzerland in Researchers for the Folk-Lore Journal recorded various "superstitions" among the Swiss middle class.

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One statement depicted a birthday cake as having lighted candles which correspond to each year of life. These candles were required to be blown out, individually, by the person who is being celebrated. There are many variations of sweets which are eaten around the world on birthdays. Rather than serving one large pastry, each guest is served their own small shou bao. In Korea, the traditional birthday dish is seaweed soup. In Western Russia, birthday children are served fruit pies with a birthday greeting carved into the crusts. The Swedish birthday cake is made like a pound cake that is often topped with marzipan and decorated with the national flag.

Dutch birthday pastries are fruit tarts topped with whipped cream. In India there are very few people who use birth celebration in villages, but in cities and towns, birthday cakes are used similarly as in western countries, especially among people with higher education. In many cultures the person whose birthday is being celebrated is invited to make a wish, and blow out candles.

In June researchers at Clemson University reported that some individuals deposit a large number of bacteria on the cake.

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